Reality TV

Where stereotypes roam, are known and feel at home.
by Adrianna Henson

Southern Stereotypes

The show Buckwild, on MTV, demonstrates that people from the south are redneck hillbillies. Some of them don't have an education, or a job, so they also come off as dumb. The TV show makes tries to confirm the redneck stereotype of being intoxicated often as well. The stars on the show are all young and are portrayed as trashy, drunken partiers that perform dangerous stunts due to boredom.

Racial Stereotypes

On the show, Jersey Shore, Italian people are portrayed as drunk, careless, lazy, hot headed and trashy. The show makes it seem as if the only things Italian people care about are alcohol, their appearance and being overly promiscuous. On multiple occasions the stars are shown to be extremely inebriated and have even gotten arrested because of it. It portrays them as slutty and easy sexual people as well.

Women Stereotypes

Reality TV shows like Bad Girls Club, Flavor of Love and Big Tips Texas all suggest the stereotype that women are greedy, barbaic, will do anything for fame and are overemotional. As we see on all of these TV shows, the women get drunk very often or get into fights with one another constantly. These shows make it seem like women will act like animals to get money, a man, or their 15 seconds of fame. This is a video clip from the Bad Girls Club when one of the many fights broke out.

Men Stereotypes

Reality TV gives men a completely false outlook on women, love and life. No normal guy will ever have 20 different women begging for him to love them. Shows like Flavor of Love, Jersey Shore and The Real World show the stereotype that men can exploit women, treat them very poorly and inappropriately, and yet still have a "relationship" with them. These men are portayed as womanizers. In shows like The Bachelor, it explains that a successful man can control anything with money.

American Family Stereotype

The show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo possibly confirms the very worst stereotypes about Americans. This reality show shows an obese American family with awful manners and give no disipline to their children. They are lazy, eat extremely unhealthy food, are rednecks, and very trashy. They participate in extreme couponing and also have a teen parent living in the family house. It seems as if every bad American stereotype blew up on this show.

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