Dysfunctional Family

Gabrielle Martin

How can dysfunctional family affect the parents?

- May feel depressed or anxious and uncertain why, may suffer from a low self esteem, fail to actualize their goals, self-sabotage their goals and dreams, fail to actualize their potentials, may have a hard time with intimacy.

Another website I found says the spouse in this family may enable the problem spouse to maintain employment by lying for him or her. For example, he or she may become obsessive about the problem spouse's abnormal behavior, such that he or she loses perspective in his or her own life.

What are some of the types of dysfunctional families?

-one or both parents have an addiction or compulsion(drugs, alcohol)
-one or both of the parents uses threats of physical violence as primary means of control
- one or both parents treat their children as possessions
-One or both parents are unable to provide,or threaten to withdraw, financial or basic physical care of the child

What are some of the characteristics of a dysfunctional family?


where one family member exerts his or her will


it punishes or diminishes a family member


Not like alcohol or drugs,it makes it difficult for the family to communicate

Lack of Diversity

Not being able to have own interests and beliefs about something

Poor Communication

some family members have a difficulty expressing their wants and needs to other member

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