Middle Colonies House

These are the best of the 13 colonies!

This is a house and more are available to you in the Middle Colonies! This wonderful house is located in New York, but you can also support the other Middle Colonies: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. This and more coming to you from the "Breadbasket Colonies," or as we prefer to call them, the best of the 13 colonies!

Here in the middle colonies, we have great weather! All year round, it doesn't get that cold, or that hot! It stays nice and cozy just about all the time, so there isn't really and need for all of those layers. These are best of the 13 colonies, because we have nice weather all year round.

This is just one of the great things that you can grow in the middle colonies! You can also grow and sell bread. Other industries include shipping, raising cattle, growing grains, and mining for iron.

Speaking of iron, here is what iron looks like, and if you wanted, you could go mining for it in any one of our great middle colonies! Iron will help us to make lots and lots of new things that will help the colony grow, such as new axe heads, sword blades, and tons more! All you need is a pickaxe, mine cart, and a lantern, and you are good to go!

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