Free Verse

Definition: verse that does not follow a fixed metrical pattern

Many modernist say that free verse was invented in the 1900s by Ezra Pound, but many argue that is was first used in the Bible. It was never named free verse then, but it goes all the way back to King James. Many also argue it was first used by Walt Whitman. Some people claim that he was the first to "proudly write nonmetrically". Gustave Kahn is credited with naming it "free verse".

Bird of Hope

Rob Carter

Crawling through the dirt trying to get back to my perch,

where I once sang so free and acted happily

in the sunshine of my life things were really going well.

A fall from broken wings, I fell into the dust,

  choking there at first waiting for your help.

But wait was all I did whilst no assistance came my way.

For months I struggled on, surviving day to day,

too proud to beg and borrow I scavenged like a dog.

But soon I found the strength to crawl out from the gutter.

I fought for life, to thrive, avoiding vices in my way

and built a ladder to help me from the pit I'd fallen in.

Now I'm back upon a higher perch than I've ever roosted on.

I'm now singing of success, not striving to get by

and feeling so much stronger for my time down in the dumps.

But for those I met, still there, I save a little prayer.