Need a Vacation?

By: Jackson Krop

Well this is your spot! Well parts of it at least.

I just came back from my journey to the Arabian Peninsula and it was pretty good. I live in a place like Missouri so I can experience all the seasons there. Here is some things you should know.

Desert: If you live up north like over in Canada or up in North Russia, I would not come here. It can range from 150 degrees during the day and will whip rapidly down to 40 degrees during the night. No cars, trains, planes for miles. Mostly travel is by a camel. You will travel in a caravan so no need to worry about theft and murder as much. There is a couple of places along this touring route where you can stop and trade or just get to meet people. Bring some sort of weapon just in case because people will want to take all of what you have. Also water and food is a good idea, I made it just fine hunting and getting my own food and water but just in case, don't want to be stuck in the middle of no where... (literally)

Mountains: The mountains were probably one of my most favorite places to be. It was a little hard to breathe at first because of the high altitude but you got used to it. I was really cold up there but no need to bring food or water. Water would gather up in ditches for you. If it was a good season it could rain about 2 feet! Bring a coat or two though because it really does get cold. Again, if you don't mind travelling down to a town to get your food or hunting animals for food maybe carry some of your own. In fact, the mountains are so much liked that people all over the world take vacations to mountains like in Colorado or over in East Europe. These here just don't have snow or nearly enough at times.

Oasis: Well this place is okay if you are staying just for a little bit. But this was not my favorite place at all. There is plant life and if you are fine eating vegetation. If you had cattle, you could settle them there and then you could have your animals and water and food mostly taken care of. The oasis I went to was pretty large but some are small. They are like big pools out in the desert. Some times with the right knowledge of lots of people, that is how towns got created. It is a nice place to live if you have the right equipment. Some people also made wells just outside the pool for maximum draining water.

Coastal Plains: If people had the access to a place like the coastal plains i visited, they could survive there for ever. It was a huge massive plate of land that was right by the ocean. There is big rocky cliffs, damp low air and rain falls pretty regularly because of the accumulation of water right by the ocean. Normally it was all protected like a fort. In the place I went to, there was mountains covering on each side with a beach area on the other side. This played a big part in irrigation. With a natural water lake, they could frsh water the plants and then clear out using the salt water. Once done, the year after you could plan on having nice crops just from the irrigation.