Welcome to Kenya

By Ira K.

Geography about kenya

Kenya covers 224,081 square miles and is rouphly the size of texas and madegascar. Kenya is know by grasslland which they call savvannas. They have animals like Zebra and gazzels and many other animals. We are home to rift valley it is thousands of miles long. It cuts through waestern Kenya. We are home to lions and cheeta and oher big cats we are also home to rinoserecs and wildabeast and animals like that. It is hot in the winter days but in April to June and November to october it could rain for two hours

Food in Kenya

In Kenya you eat a lot of grans and food that dont spoil easy becuse many people don't have refrigerators. The most coman food is ugil which is thick dough that is made from ground corn. It is comen to see people eat ugil with green vegetabals, bean and sometimes meat or fish. Many diffrent kinds of fruit are found there like pinnaple, mangos, bannas, plaintens and papaya.

Holidays in Kenya

Jamhuri is when Kenya became a free country it is on it is on december 12. You meet with with your Famliy and have a feest and the leader gives a speech. Two teams from the leauge of soccer they have two teams come and play that are from Kenya.

History and govermaent backgrounds

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