Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Josh De Mattei

Chapters 1 & 2

"'Oh, I feel some concern for my future, all right. Sure. Sure I do.' I thought about it for a minute. 'But not too much, I guess. Not too much, I guess'" (Salinger 17).

Chapters 3-4

"'How about writing a composition for me, for English? I'll be up in the creek if I don't get the goddam thing in by Monday, the reason I ask'" (Salinger 32). This is showing that Holden is taken advantage of by his friends showing his lack of community. He is getting kicked out of Pensey, but his friends are asking him for help. His friends should be helping him to succeed so that he would not have to get kicked out of Pensey. Holden should care about his well being instead of worrying about the success of his friends.

Chapters 5-6

Holden continues to abjure the fact that he has not yet told his parents the fact that he has been kicked out of Pencey. Holden also says that he does not care that he was not invited to the movie. Holden is trying to act as an indulgent person, but the reader knows that he is not. He also brings up the fact that Ackley is virgin. Holden tries to make the fact that Ackley is a virgin irrelevant to his life. Holden is noticeably a very immature person. One idea that is tangible to the reasons why Holden is flunking school is because of the death of his brother that he admits he loved so much. He ruminates on how great of a brother Allie was. This shows that Holden is truly a caring person. He also makes a baseball mitt for Stratlater from what he made for his brother and the mitt had poems all over it. Because Holden calls Stratlater a moron, Stratlater gives Holden a trenchant punch to his face almost knocking him out.

Chapters 7-13

Ch 7. Do you think that Holden is jealous of all of his friends losing their virginity? How does this affects his attitude?

Ch 8. Do you think that Holden is truly confident in himself? (61).

Ch 9. What do you think the meaning behind the question of the ducks is? (67).

Ch 10. Do you think Holden is satisfied with moving to New York? (77).

Ch 11. Do you think there is significance in the fact that Holden comments on others' intelligence?

Ch 12. We find out the the ducks of Central Park "freeze." Do you feel that these ducks are similar to Holden?

Ch 13. why would thinking about gloves and yellowness make one depressed?

John Green Main Points

1. He talks about our narrator Holden and how he hates movies and talks about the message from Sallenger. He talks about how Holden asks the many people he comes accross what adulthood is like but does not want to ask the question directly

.2. Next, the red hat is used to hide is aging because Holden does not want to grow up. Also Holden wants distance to hide his humiliation becuase he left the fencing stuff on the hilltop showing his humiliation.

3. Holden repeatedly says "listen" and toward the end of the book, Phoebe finally listens to him. He then talks about his happiness but "doesn't know why."

Chapters 14-17

14. Do your honk Holden is actually religious?

15. Why would he tell us about his parents at this point of the novel?

16. Why did the song the kid was singing make him no longer depressed?

17. Do you think the qualities Holden describes guys on page 137 connect to his personality?

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