The "Saint" Brotherhood

The darkness is the light that fuels the fire within our people.

Red-This is the symbol of the wars that brought the nation together.

Black-It is the Light that fuels in our peoples hearts.

Orange- The unity our people posses


The “Saint” Brotherhood



The purpose of this country is to provide “peace” to the the world( by creating chaos).

To unify the world, and have everyone worship Bugger and to create the “peace”by re-educating the people and to rebuild it as Bugger pleases. Everyone will remain happy as they love and worship Bugger..


To become a citizen of our country you must give up your current lifestyle to become part of the brotherhood. Each citizen will have to have complete and utter loyalty to Bugger.They must fight in all wars and never say criticism that insults our lovely nation.


Bugger will be the supreme leader of the country.this country will be ruled in a democracy/dictatorship. The leaders will be appointed by the former leader.“The people are the gov’t”.


The gov’t has to make sure that everyone is in there right places and make sure everyone thinks that Bugger is their leader.The gov,t will promise it’s citizens with protection and a nice happy life. Thee responsibility of the people would be the same as the governments responsibilities.


Laws that will defend the people would consist of “freedom of speech,” the right to bear arms without ammo.

  1. “Freedom of speech”.
  2. The right to bear arms.
  3. Ammo is not allowed the community.
  4. People must be at their residence at 9:00PM.
  5. “ You must have a Trial by jury Guilty till proven innocent”.
  6. Upon awakening, you must thank the great leader for all that is given.
  7. You must not question the great leader, nor the authority of any assigned place in government by the great leader.
  8. All laws made by CURRENT leader are permanent and enforced.
  9. You must have a printing of your Identification on your skin.
  10. All laws said by leader must be enforced no matter if it is not written.


“There will be education for all”. The education will be for any person who wants to attend. It will be free for anyone who would like to attend. There will colleges where people with the highest education and lowest education can attend. People that do not want an education will be sent down “the trail of education”.


The symbol of our flag is a red flame within a black diamond. The meaning of the flag is that the darkness fuels the flame within our people.


The leader of our country will be the The Mysterious Hooded Man.

He can manipulate anyone even without a speech. No one knows who he truly is, they just know him as The Mysterious Hoodedman. He blends in with others and is swift like the wind so he can make a quick escape or a quick assassination. He hates those who defy him and loves those who follow in his footsteps. The only sign of recognition is the flame left in the last person who was a victim. He protects others with this symbol.

A small child from a faraway town. This town was very poor and had to work for everything they wanted. No one was just given a house or a job, if you were not worthy of the things you had then they were taken from you. So as Jaurdan grew older he grew with the mentality that everything should be done one way, and one way only, “the right way”. But he felt that he had what it took to become the next great leader. A leader that everyone followed, and as he tried to get people to fear him, he was laughed at and beaten. He soon thought that no one would ever fear him. His father told him that he didn’t have what it took to become a leader that everyone would follow. As his father said that he grabbed a knife, stabbing his father in the throat killing him. He then ran away. He had no money, no food, but he had the mentality to become a leader, but now he wanted to become a leader that everyone feared. He walked across all lands, finding and talking to other great leaders. But once again every leader laughed and taunted him, but what they didn’t know, was that every insult and every laugh would fuel his rage until the ends of eternity. 2 years later he was living in another small town a couple miles away from his hometown. He had heard of his old hometown leader retiring from power, he had also heard that he was looking for someone to pass on his power to. Jaurdan thought this was his chance to show everyone he could and would be a feared leader. He packed up and left to his hometown. As he got there the king was going around to people and asking why they deserve to be a leader. As the leader got closer Jaurdan tried thinking of ways to impress him. Once the leader was at Jaurdan he asked him the question, “why should you be the leader”. Jaurdan told the leader to look closely, he grabbed a knife came up to a poor man and slit his throat. The leader stood there stunned, and then yelled proudly,” you have your new leader”. Jaurdan was astounded. The leader then showed Jaurdan the ropes. Soon enough he had full power over the town. To this day everyone fears him in every way possible. Knowing him as the mysterious hooded man.

listen people to our fearless leader

of the saints brotherhood

where there is one ruler to rule them all

where the laws protect

and serve you greatly

where your freedom of speech

will be acknowledged

you have the right to bear arms

to protect your own

So fight for or our leader

and he will be grateful

for now til the end of eternity

               The defying of the laws of The “Saint” Brotherhood will get you into the Ministry of Love. We put you in a room called Room 101, where we reeducate and teach you the ways of living life the correct way. We first let you understand your error and what harm you have done to the community. This process takes time to undergo in order to reassure that you have mistaken the way you must live. Once the stage of understanding is complete, we show you where you have committed a crime and how you can undo that. We as well show you why your error has harmed not just yourself but the community, and above all the great leader, The Mysterious Hoodedman.

Once the understanding stage is complete you are then forced to commit the crime again and face the consequences again and again, until you refuse to commit the crime for our great leader. You will then be forced to hate the great leader in your heart and your soul. The hatred will make you fall into the darkness that protects the citizens of The “Saint” Brotherhood. The hatred will fuel the flame that will parish and will transform into love for the great leader. These stages must be taken in order to make you love The Mysterious Hoodedman and live in the beloved land that will protect the entire civilization. Everything you learn will be forgotten and retaught during the final stage of reeducation, this will ensure that you understand what the nation is about. None of the wild thoughts that have been thought were correct, and all of the knowledge you once had become corrupt and must no longer be in the hands of a human that may corrupt the brotherhood and wrong all of its people.

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