Elementary Jumpstart Academy

Thanks to everyone who worked to make the first ever Jumpstart Academy a huge success!

The primary purpose of Jumpstart Academy was to provide a "jumpstart" for incoming students several weeks before school begins. Curriculum areas of focus were math and science.

In alignment with the district's strategic plan and the effective leadership goal of providing opportunities for continual growth, instructional coaches were available for teachers.

The high impact instructional strategy of “providing multiple opportunities to practice and respond” was emphasized throughout the week.  

Jumpstart Academy By the Numbers

  • 17 elementary schools hosted Jumpstart Academy
  • 102 teachers taught during Jumpstart Academy
  • The average Jumpstart Academy teacher has over 11 years of experience
  • The average Jumpstart Academy teacher has taught in a Title I sponsored summer program at least 2 years
  • Over 600 students participated in Jumpstart Academy
  • 17 instructional coaches partnered with over 100 teachers during JA week

What the Kids Are Saying They Learned During JA

  • "I learned magnets have north and south poles."
  • "I learned this week that every habitat needs a shelter water and sunlight and all food."
  • "I learned that if I 120, I have 12 tens."
  • "A haiku is a poem with 5,7,5 syllables in line."
  • "That sand is made of trash, dead animals, rocks, and plants."
  • "That a beach is when the water meets land."
  • "We learned about ecosystems and that it's an environment of living and non-living things."
  • "I learned about measuring. You have to start at the beginning of the ruler."
  • "Tangrams are 7 pieces that don't overlap each other the pointy vertices are supposed to touch together."
  • "I learned that magnets attract and repel."

What the Teachers are Saying About Their Coaching Experience

  • "I saw my teaching strategies through another's eyes."
  • "I enjoyed discussing with my coach the implications for the learning."
  • "I was able to share ideas with other teachers, listen to their ideas, and collaborate with one another."
  • "I was able to really reflect upon my teaching strategies, methods, and practices. She helped me target an instructional goal each day that I wanted to implement and receive feedback as to my implementation."
  • "Having a coach gave me an opportunity to discuss the lesson that I taught and receive feedback from her and the other teachers."
  • "I liked being able to bounce ideas around with another professional."
  • "She helped me work through the self-evaluation process after I did the lessons. She video-taped a lesson and assisted as I watched it back to gain understanding of whether or not I was reaching my goal. Each time we met, she guided me through the process of how I could enrich the students' experiences in a different way. We had very meaningful and worthwhile discussions. I definitely enjoyed the coaching experience."