The Bahamas is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. In this power point, I will tell you the many facts about this glorious place and all its treasures.

About the Bahamas

* The countries name is the Caribbean.

* The capital of the Caribbean is Belize.

* The major language in the Bahamas is Spanish, English, French patois.

* Where to find the Bahamas is located off the eastern coast of Florida in the western Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas comprise an archipelago of about 700 islands.

* The population of Bahamas is 377,374 (2013)

The geography

* The top 3 major landforms are-

      *Cat Island, where limestone rock rises to 63 m (206 ft)           above sea level.

      *There are a handful of small freshwater lakes and just one         small river located on Andros Island.

      *The Bahamas comprise an archipelago of about 700 islands           (29 of which are inhabited) and some 2,000 rocks and cays.

* The top 3 major Landmarks are-

      *Fort Charlotte was built in 1789 by Lord Dunmore to protect        the Western Entrance of the Harbour.

      *Fort Montague was built in 1741 by Peter Bruce, a military         engineer, for the purpose of protecting the Eastern               Entrance of the Nassau Harbor.

      *Fort Fincastle this fort was built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore.

* The top 3 major bodies of water are-

      *The Bahamas are a collection of islands and cays in the           Atlantic Ocean, usually considered culturally part of the         Caribbean.

      *Some of the more familiar and easily seen lakes of the             Bahamas are Killarney and Cunningham near the archipelago’s        capital and largest city, Nassau, on New Providence Island.

      *Formerly called Lake Windsor, this large, shallow body of         water makes up a large portion of the western end of dry,         alkaline Great Inagua Island, the southernmost of the             Bahamas.

* The top 3 major cities are-



      *West End


On average, the temperatures are always high, but most rainfall happens around the months of May, June, July, August, September, and October. The warmest month is August and the coolest is January. However, June is the wettes

t month, and February is the driest.


The cultures that i will be showcasing are-

* The clothing: The clothing is mostly flowey shirts and dresses.      They are filled with color and unique patterns.

The food: The food mostly involved sea food like shrimp lobster, and           fish. Although i will not show a picture because i do not            want you getting hungry.

The top 3 holidays are:

          *New Year’s Day (January 1st)

          *Majority Rule Day (January 10th)

          *Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)

interesting Facts

Native animals-

The native animals that are found in the Bahamas are

*Nassau grouper-

* The Bahama Lizard-Cuckoo-

*And an extinct hummingbird, Brace’s Emerald.

Amazing modes of Transport are-

*The air flights.

*The boat travels.


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