An Intro to Athena: goddess of war/wisdom/strategy

Portrayal of Athena

Athena is always portrayed wearing gold armor and a breastplate. Top one is correct and the bottom in not.

Athena's Beginning

Athena was born of Zeus and Metis. Many don't know that she had a mother which is due to the fact that Zeus ate her when she became pregnant. The reason is unknown but because of this, Athena was born from the forehead of her father which gives a clue to her wise mind and intellect. She quickly became Zeus's favorite child.

Athena's superiority over the other goddesses

Many other female gods lived during her time, but Athena was superior to all of them. The first came to the fact that she was a virgin, she did not make connections to other gods. The second reason is that her ultimate power of intellect made her a more valuable asset to anyone who came in contact with her. She could wage war and strategize to defeat all her enemies. Even to Ares, the god of war, she was superior for she favored strategy whereas Ares only craved the blood of his enemies.

Athena's power and abilities

Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom. Her abilities outweighed those of other gods and goddesses of the time. In battle, she was able to harness much of her abilities from her breastplate, the one she is always shown with. They gave her the qualities of fear, strife, defense, and assault, qualities very lethal to anyone in battle.

Athena's legacy

To many Greeks, Athena had a huge impact to their culture. For one, the greek capital is named in honor of her: Athens. Some seek wisdom from the goddesses, believing her abilities can help them. To this day, the building which was her temple, the Parthenon, still stands for people to remember the awesome power and impact she had during her time.


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