Project Princess

By: Meg Cabot

Welcome to the world of Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, though her friends call her Mia for short.  Mia lives in New York City with her pregnant mother, and her step father who is a teacher at Mia's school.  Mia is only in ninth grade, yet she found out really important information.  She recently found out that she is to be the Princess of a small European country called Genovia.  However, before Mia takes the crown, she has to finish high school.  Over her ninth grade spring break, Mia turns down an extremely relaxing trip with her grandma.  Mia instead decides to go on a school trip to build homes for the homeless.  This trip turns out to be very interesting for Mia...

No Princess Treatment

Mia decides to take the trip to help build homes for the homeless.  While on this trip, Mia has to go with with her bodyguard.  This bodyguard has to follow Mia around everywhere she goes.  This is not great for Mia, because she wants her boyfriend Michael to kiss her.  This is a task that seems pretty slim because on the bus ride to their build site, one of Mia's friends threw up on her and because of the build sites remote location, there are no showers, you have to use moist towelettes to get yourself clean.  

The Princess and Her Friends

Mia Thermopolis:

Mia Therrmopolis is the main character in this book.  Mia is in ninth grade and she has just found out that she is the princess of a small European country called Genovia.  Mia has a lot going on in her life, her best friends brother is Mia's boyfriend.  Her mom is also pregnant and married to one of her teachers.  And lastly, her grandmother that she never talks to has just told her that she needs to take her rightful place as princess in Genovia.  

Lilly Moscovitz:

Lilly Moscovitz is Mia's best friend.  Lilly and Mia have been best friends forever, they would do anything for the other.  Lilly is not sure how to act when she finds out that MIa is a princess, but because they are best friends, Lilly supports Mia.  When Lilly and Mia go to build houses for the homeless, they have a great adventure together.  

Michael Moscovitz:

Michael Moscovitz is Mia's boyfriend and Lilly's brother.  Michael is a senior in high school when he and Mia start dating.  Michael also goes to build houses for the homeless.  While building houses for the homeless he is more focused on the houses than he is on Mia which scares her, but he is still very sweet to Mia.  

What Happened

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, better known as Mia, just found out from her grandmother that she is the rightful heir to the Genovian crown.  Mia is not sure how to act because she is only in ninth grade and now she found out that she has to rule an entire country.  This terrifies Mia because she doesn't think that she has any talents.  Over Mia's spring break, she decides to go build houses for the homeless.  She partially wants to do this out of the goodness of her heart, but also because she wants to spend time with her boyfriend Michael.  Mia's grandmother tells her that it is not princess like to wake up before 8 in the morning, and they are not supposed to be in the wilderness without showers.  Despite her grandmothers wishes, Mia still decides to go.  On the bus ride, Mia sat next to Michael which is exactly what she wanted.  However, her joy is short lived because, one of the other kids on the bus threw up and Michael (being the good person that he is) went to go sit with the boy.  Finally after a long and smelly bus ride, the children all get to meet the family that they will be building the house for.  The family is extremely grateful of the work that these children are about to do.  Mia is able to befriend the mother of the family, because much like Mia's mother, this mother is also pregnant. Mia is extremely happy to be helping out a family in need, however, her boyfriend is not spending very much time with her.  Michael is really focused on the house, and he is not very interested in Mia, that is until he kisses her.  Finally the house was done being built, and all of the kids decided to have a housewarming party for the family, so they needed to go to a nearby store and buy some hot dog buns.  All of the kids hop into the truck that Michael is going to drive, and they drive to the store, buy the buns, and they also go to the nearby Dairy Queen and buy themselves some ice cream.  While eating their ice cream, a limo pulls up, and inside is Mia's grandmother.  Mia's grandmother tells all of the kids that they can come to her hotel room and shower, because they haven't been able to shower in about a week.  When the kids are done showering, they go back to the house and hear that the mother had her baby and named the baby Princess in honor of Mia.  After she returns home, Mia finds out what her true talent in life really is, and it is...

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot had a wonderful style of writing. Meg made the book very interesting and easy to follow.  The book is fourth in The Princess Diaries Series.  All of the books in this series are written as though they are diaries.  This was an interesting way to write these stories, however, it made the stories very interesting.  It gave us a great understanding into the mind of Mia as she lives life as normally as a princess possibly can.  

Book Four of The Princess Diaries Series