Brighton Beach Memoirs

the great depression

The great depression was a hard recession that has ever hit the U.S. Everyone was affected by it! A lot of people lost their homes and even took their own lives as well.Many people were left u employed from the whole recession. No matter where you lived your money was gone if you had it in a national bank.

college's in the 1930

  Tuition in the 1930's was $400, which included the General Fee. The Room and Board $520 and text books were $35 and clothing and miscellaneous $260. The major difference of tuition now and in 1930's is that now tuition can very from 19,000 and more.

  Going to college also mean you had to pay for gas when driving to college. Gas in the 1930's was 17 cents per gallons. Also food back then was super cheap compared to now in the 30's bread was 9 cents and today it's $1.98, hamburgers were 12 cents and now it's 3.99. But you can't buy gas if you don't have a car a cost of a car was $600 and today it's 30,000 or more. Another big difference is that back than a house was $3,845.00 and now its $289,500. Everything was cheaper back then right? so you would think everyone could afford nice things, more things than we can now but another difference is their wages and how much they got paid . An average person living in the 30's made about $1,970.00 a year and an average person now makes about

Dear Mr.stroheim

I am sorry that I backed up the other employe. Even if it was none of my buisness. I need my job, because I have a family to support. I ask for this one favor and in return i'll do better next time. I should've minded my own buisness , i just did what i believed in. I wanted to stand up for others but i should'nt have. I help my dad with the money i make working for you. My whole family depends on me and my dad to make money. So im sorry i hope you give me another chance because i learned from my mistakes and i hope you can see that too.



1. Wicked opened at New York’s Gershwin Theatre on October 30, 2003

2. The original Broadway cast starred Kristen Chenoweth as Glinda and Idina Menzel as Elphaba

3. Wicked’s music and lyrics are by Stephen Schwartz (Pippin 1972, Godspell 1976)

4. Last week Wicked performed to over 15,000 people at the Gershwin Theatre (1928 seats)

5. For most weeks in its 10+ year run, Wicked has been Broadway’s top grossing show

6. Wicked’s highest weekly gross was Christmas 2013 at $3,201,333 (w/e 29 December) – a Broadway record

7. The demand for Wicked is so great, every performance at the Gershwin is at near or full capacity

8. Wicked on Broadway was a $14 million investment – recouping its costs in just 14 months

9. Schwartz (music, lyrics), Holzman (book), Maguire (novel) have made a combined $95 million (as at 2012)

10. In 2008, Wicked’s weekly running costs were $800,000 (I wonder what they are today?)


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