Atmosphere By: Kaitlin Roan

1 There are 4 parts to the atmosphere.

2 The first part of the atmosphere is the troposphere, were plants and animals grow and thrive!

3 Next the stratosphere a place where it protects us from the sun and it also starts off cold and then gets hotter.

4 Then there's the metosphere which protects us from the meteors and it creats  the northern lights

5 The last one is the thermosphere, which is the hottest part of the atmosphere, because its so close to the sun.

6 The atmosphere keeps the oxygen in so we can breath.

7 The atmosphere is made up of 3 gases, nitrogen, oxygen, and 1% other gases.

8 The temp. changes as you get higher off the ground. The higher you get, the more hotter you get.

9 The pressure of the air gets higher as well, so if you where NOT dressed in a space suit the you would likely burst like a balloon! :(

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