The Nicollet/LeSueur County
Ham & Cheese Omlet

Project 5.1.3 From Farm to Fork, By Gena Lilienthal and Brent Arndt

Where does the ham come from:  Comparts from Nicollet, MN raise high quality Duroc cross pigs for both semen and meat.  They are raised in safe, healthy, regulated barns. The meat is processed at local markets.  It is cut into wholesale pieces, smoked, and packaged.  

Where does the cheese come from: The milk is from dairy cows at New Sweden Dairy. The milk is processed into cheese at the LeSueur Davisco Cheese Factory. They use the standard processes of creating cheddar cheese in blocks and barrels.

Where do the eggs come from: The eggs come from laying hens raised at Crystal Farms/Michaels Foods near LeSueur and Gaylord, MN. The eggs are mechanically collected every day, cleaned, and packaged for delivery. The eggs can be found in our local grocery store.

Distribution: All of our products are available locally and are distributed via cooler semis throughout the Midwest to convenience and grocery stores. All of the products are inspected by the USDA and the manure from all of these farms are spread throughout our farm fields. Common packaging: Ham can be packaged into slices. Eggs are shipped in cartons. Cheese can be shredded in a back or sealed in a block.

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