Lets Talk In The House...

Get Ready To...SCREAM!!!...and...SHOUT!!!

The Haunted Myst House thee most VAST wanted house... in 2005 there once there lived a girl named  Asher M. Muller, nobody hardly ever knew what happen to her because she was always a drop out at school.Kids in her class would always say "Die","Let her burn to ashes...get it because Asher rhymes with Ash" everyone so mistreating with Asher.When Asher was 30 she died when something touched her made her Devilish,Mad,and a Curseur.

  • Address 6938  H. Trois Lowd of the Mullers House
  • The haunted house is discovered in 12/2/2014 it'll open at 8:00,9:32 is when Asher M. Muller comes out to touch...you with bloo... to join...in with...her and closes at 10:02

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