Big Lesson

The major lesson that i learned is that i would cut my hair again and turn into Kaseem because i can make money.and not get caught and get money by selling cigars with her tray and to help my family get money so we can survive in Kabul with our father in jail.

I think that i made the right decision of cutting my hair because if i cut my hair short people wont recognize me and i can not get caught by the Taliban because i am a boy and i have a boy name.

I think that  i should use my tray more because it can hold stuff  and that my hands aren't going to be free and have people pick out the things that they want from my tray. and that why i think that i would use a tray at the Kabul market.

THE reason why i would be a Taliban male because i can escort my mother and sister in the streets of Kabul and that the Taliban made a law that women must be escort by a man and if no my family will be killed my family.

In the end i think that it is a good idea that i dress as a boy because i can escort my family and get money for my family to eat and survive.

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