February 2-6 District Band
Atlee Competition Week

Artist of the Week:

Scott Joplin

Duke Ellington

Sidney Bechet

Objectives this Week:

1.  Annoucements:  Rehearsal Tuesday Concert Band 5-8pm; Wednesday Pit Orchestra 2:30-4:00; Thursday Drumline 4-6pm; District Band Thursday 5-9; Friday 8:30-5:00pm; Saturday 9:00-3:00pm.  Signing up for classes this week:  Brass sign up for Brass; Woodwinds sign up for Woodwinds; Jazz sign up for Stage Band.  Coka Cola Fundraiser still going on at this time.  Due February 12.  Next non-refundable Deposit for the Spring trip is due February 12 $100.

2.  Breathing Exercise

3. Long Tones Concert B and Ab one octave

4.  Half Notes Two Octaves Concert B and Ab

5.  Tongue Exercise from Moravian Dance

6.  Sight-reading Packet

7.  Chromatic Scale Concert B 2 octaves slur up staccato down

8.  Chimes of Liberty measure 1-22 Style, Articulation, Dynamic Contrast

9.  Fantasy on an Irish Air 32-50  Mixed Meter

10.  Moravian Dance measure 53-70 Rhythm, Dynamics, Articulation


Assessment This Week