Executive Chef

(The chief of the kitchen)

Job Pourpose

The head chef in the kitchen making sure that everything is in order. Plan and direct food preparation and cooking activities. Plan menus and ensure food meets quality standards. Manages the preparation of meals. Plan menus and be able to prepare that menu.

Reports To

Report to the manager at any given or needed time.

Duties/ Responsibilites

Ordering supplies, recipe and meal creation, accounting, staffing, deal with the control of cost, training the new cooks, and cooking, take responsibility, and monitor.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree in culinary arts, satisfactory SAT scores, and a high school diploma at minimal.
  • Technology Skills: Standard computer knowledge, Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, POS, systems.
  • Abilities: Good knife skills, handle and maintain kitchen equipment.
  • Personal Characteristics: Leadership skills, inspire the rest of the kitchen.