Awesome Volcanos

by Jaydon

      A volcano is a hole in the earth. Magma comes through a tube called a vent with Gas, smoke, ash, and dark clouds rise from there too. Magma is raging, steaming hot rock. Melted rock in the earth rises because it gets way too hot then it gets so hot it boils to the top and the volcano erupts .


A diagram of all the parts of the volcano.

Effects of Volcanos Erupting

      There are many things that an eruption can cause. Volcanoes can form islands. Volcanoes could form islands from the cooled off rock. Volcano lava could start fires. It could tumble villages from running through it. Smoke can hurt your lungs and hurt you. Smoke rises so high that it can cover the sun. Volcanoes ashes help farmers soil and help their crops grow.

Where most volcanoes are?

Most volcanoes are in the ring of fire. They are also under the sea.

The ring of fire is located in the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

A Volcano Erupting

      The hollow top is called a crater. Lava runs down the mountain and cools down and turns into igneous rock. Some volcanoes are not active, some are active. If they are not active some people call them dormant.

A volcano erupting.
Bright lava forms in a circle inside the crater.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that one of the largest volcanoes is on Mars? The last time it erupted was 200 million years ago.

Mount St. Helen’s erupted, busted open, and blew off it’s top in 1980 in just 51 seconds.

Out of no where eruption in Papua

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