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Physical Description

Typhon is a huge monster , who is said to be the most frighting monster in classic mythology. Typhon even has 100 separate heads


Typhon has been accused of trying to cut of the tendons of Zues. Typhon also got into a fierce battle with Zues. The two where thawing mountains at each other.

Family Members

Son of Tartarus and Gaia,Kids where Echidna, Cerberus,Chimera,Hydra, Lada,

and Sphinx

Last Seen

During the fierce battle with sues Typhon was crushed by a mountain. Typhon still lives there today,


This monster should be approached with caution because of hundreds of fire breathing heads.The monster is very unknown which could be dangerous. Whether this beast was a dragon or a giant or a snake. It will be tough to prepare for because we don't know what it looks like. One thing is for sure Typhon is a terrifying monster in classic roman mythology.


Knowing you did a great thing


The monster has yet to be slain and is still under mount Edna for the noble and brave person who thinks they can take on Typhon

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