Taking it Back

Taylor Chipman

CRASH...BOOM...BANG, I'm on the top of an old 50's or 60's diner. I'm in a daze and want to know where in the world I am at. I go downstairs where there is a tiny music diner and sit and eat me some breakfast. Once I hear the singing, dancing, and laughing, I start to wonder if this is a dream or not. While everyone is having a good time around me, that's when I decide to join in on the fun.

When I get close to all the people dancing, there was this tall, well-dressed man, he grabs my arm and we start to dance. He is a really good dancer, he throws me over his shoulder and through his leg. Shortly after, I am dancing and laughing like everyone else in the diner. I love it here in this little, groovy diner, there is so much music and laughter to be heard for miles. It is getting late and I have no where to go or any spare clothes to wear. The tall, well-dressed man walks over to me and introduces himself as Sir John. He tells me there is a old, run down hotel with a store in it for clothes and place for me to sleep. I told him that would have to do for now and left away with the wind.

Later that night after the diner closed, I took Sir John's advice and went to that little, run down hotel and bought me some new clothes. All I could find was white blouses, poodle skirts and Ked looking shoes. Poodle skirts are not my cup of tea but I choose a light blue one with a flower design on it with some white Ked's. I think I fit in really well to be honest but I ws still wondering why here. I head for that run down hotel for the night, but before I went to sleep I kept thinking that something was wrong and I needed to get home. I really missed my family and wanted to get back home, but I didn't know how.

As I went out into the streets asking everyone if they new anything about anything, the answer was alway no. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to for help. As I walked through the little country side I heard this little girl tell her mother something about 2015. I was interested and ver eager to get home, I went over and asked, she said her little girl "claims" she saw a car tag with "Tay2015". I thought to myself for a long time then all of a sudden it hit me like a boulder, " I need you to show me that car rigtht away, young lady." Her mother and the the little girl showed me to the car, and there it was my dad's bright red 69' Camero with the back seat covers white as the day he bought it band new.

I said thank you to the woman and her young child, and went straight toward the Camero. The keys were still in it so I got in and fired it up. It sounded like a brand new car, but at the time it hasn't came out yet. All of a sudden the car started to whirl around and made my head spin. I was flying through the air with cows, people, houses and the years seem to flash forward.


When I awake, my head hurt and my whole body was covered in red dust. Then I realize I am back at my house with my daddy's old beat up 69' Camero in the front yard. Did I really just dream about that all, or was I really there? It felt so real but who in there right mind would believe a thirteen year old girl time traveling back to the 50's or 60's era. In the middle of my thought process, I realize that I'm wearing that pretty blue poodle skirt with the flower design...

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