Atmosphere- By: Addie Werner

The atmosphere has 5 layers.  Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.  The thermosphere and exosphere are actually 1 layer but 2 parts.  

The stratosphere protects us from the sun.  

Planes only fly in the troposphere of the atmosphere.  

The mesosphere protects us from meteors.  It is also the coldest layer.  

The atmosphere allows people to live.  We live in the troposphere.

Clouds are only in the troposphere of the atmosphere.  The troposphere is the first and thickest of all the other layers.

The Northern lights happen in the thermosphere of the atmosphere.  An other name for northern lights is aurora borealis.  

The temperature changes as you go up farther in each layer of the atmosphere.  It goes cold, warm, cold, hot starting in the troposphere.  

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