On one Spring afternoon George and Lennie decide to go for a walk in the woods. As there walking they start to discuss what they will do after they are able to afford there very own farm.

" I'm going to meet and marry the most wonderful women I can find. I want to have kids and sit back on my very on ranch and get fat and old," explained George.

" Not me George, I'm going to continue to travel the country side and raise my own pig farm," stated Lennie.

"Ha what a joke, laughed George, you wouldn't be able to last five minutes without me covering your tracks," said George.

" How's that George," questioned Lennie.

"Think about it, every moment your either annoying someone or causing a ruckus for my hands to clean up. Your a 6'5  grown man and still don't know what's right from wrong," said George.

There was only silence and a frown from Lennie. After a mile into the woods George asks Lennie if he would like to go to the whorehouse to kill some time since they didn't have work that day. Lennie wasn't interested so, George went on with out him. Lennie was thinking about what George stated about him during there walk. To get his mind off of it he decided to buck some bariley to blow off some steam. After blowing off some steam Lennie heads back to the bunkhouse to wash up and rest. When Lennie arrives he kicks off his shoes, washes his face, and heads to bed. When resting Lennie is awaken from a random window opening. Lennie gets up, stretchs then closes the window. Then all of a sudden Lennie starts giggling because something is causing laughter from his toes. Lennie then lights a candle to discover that the tickling from his feet is actually a floor coated with mice. Lennie jumps and screams with terror. Lennies thought was that the mice were getting revenge on him for all the mice he accedentily kiled when traveling. Lennie didnt know what to do but, yell for George who never came back from the brothel. Lennie was swimming in his shorts from the terror coming from the ground. Then the bunkhouse door flew open as well as the windows. A white ghost figure appeared in the middle of the door way.    

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