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Map Of Libya

Muammar Gadadfi

I was born on June 7, 1942 in Qasr Abu Hadi. I was a totalitarian dictator Libyan ruler for over 42 years. I am also a very devoted Islamic.

This is the Libyan flag.

Rise to Power

I rose to power through a Coup' Detat, or a sudden and forceful overthrow of the Libyan government. I joined the army  at 27 years old and was able to overthrow the King IdrÄ«s with the help of my friends. After taking power in Libya I was named Commander in Chief of armed forces and Libya's new chairmen. From there I ruled as a Libyan dictator for 42 years. although I am remembered as a very horrible man I did many good things for Libya.

My Style

I was a totalitarian /Authoritarian Dictator of Libya. This means that I wanted to have complete power over my country, like an Absolute Monarchy. Anyone that left Libya or went against my rule was murdered by my Libyan Squad. In 1970 I removed U.S. and Britain forces from Libya, then in 1973 I prohibited alcoholic beverages and gambling to follow the Islamic Principles that I made myself.

                                                               I was a dictator     

How I helped Libya

I made Libya a very wealthy nation. I took many steps in making Libya a wealthier nation, one of the promises I made was that my parents wouldn't get a house until my every person who lived anywhere in Libya had a roof over their head, one of the ways that I promoted this was by giving Newlyweds in Libya get 50,000 (US Dollars) get to start out there family. I made electricity free for all of Libya, I made education and medical help to Libyans who can't afford it or don't have the access, along with education before I took office only 25% of the population were Literate and after I took control 83% percent of the population were literate. Today Libya is a debt-free country that has $150 billion dollars in case, with this amount of money we are aloud to pay citizens who can't find a job. In 1983 I made a river that flows across river called the Great Man Made River. Thanks to me Libya is a debt-free, wealthy and prosperous country that supports and cares for its citizens.

Terror around the World

To the rest of the world I am known as one of the worst terrorists to ever live. I was a viscous dictator for forty years until Libyan revolutionaries overthrew me after I killed Libyans . I am best known for supporting terrorists groups through out Africa and Europe, one time Ronald Reagan called me the "Mad Dog of the Middle East". An example of my a terrorists act that I supported was in 1973 when I sent five tons worth of weapons to the IRA so they could attack the British, unfortunately this mission was unsuccessful. During a bombing of a nightclub in West Berlin I killed two people and over 200 were injured, in return Ronald Reagan bombed my house and other parts of Libya because American's were killed during my nightclub bombing. That did not stop me in 1988 I shot down an airplane  in Locker killing over 270 people.

These are Revolutionary Rebels in side of my House

This couch is made of gold

1986 Tripoli Bombing

As I mentioned above I was known by other countries for supporting terrorists groups. Ronald Reagan warned me to not let any of the terrorist groups harm the United States of he would respond against the attacks. Thinking that Ronald Reagan wouldn't harm me I wen't on with my desires and paid the price for my actions on Tuesday 15, April 1986., when the U.S. launched Operation El Dorado Canyon. The airstrike bombing attack resulted in 50 Libyan deaths and one American air craft was shot down, both of the two American pilots were killed. During the attack Ronald Reagan bombed my house, which I was in at the time, but I was able to get all of my family out of my house except for my youngest daughter who was than one year old, Hana Gadaffi.

Excerpt from Ronald Reagan's speech on the Libya aircraft bombing

{At 7 o'clock this evening eastern time air and naval forces of the United States launched a series of strikes against the headquarters, terrorist facilities, and military assets that support Mu'ammar Qadhafi's subversive activities. The attacks were concentrated and carefully targeted to minimize casualties among the Libyan people with whom we have no quarrel. From initial reports, our forces have succeeded in their mission.

Several weeks ago in New Orleans, I warned Colonel Qadhafi we would hold his regime accountable for any new terrorist attacks launched against American citizens. More recently I made it clear we would respond as soon as we determined conclusively who was responsible for such attacks. On April 5th in West Berlin a terrorist bomb exploded in a nightclub frequented by American servicemen. Sergeant Kenneth Ford and a young Turkish woman were killed and 230 others were wounded, among them some 50 American military personnel. This monstrous brutality is but the latest act in Colonel Qadhafi's reign of terror. The evidence is now conclusive that the terrorist bombing of La Belle discotheque was planned and executed under the direct orders of the Libyan regime. On March 25th, more than a week before the attack, orders were sent from Tripoli to the Libyan People's Bureau in East Berlin to conduct a terrorist attack against Americans to cause maximum and indiscriminate casualties. Libya's agents then planted the bomb. On April 4th the People's Bureau alerted Tripoli that the attack would be carried out the following morning. The next day they reported back to Tripoli on the great success of their mission.}

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I was the best dictator to ever live, ruling for over 42 years in Libya. I am also the seventh richest person to ever live with over $200 billion dollars.  I also made Libya one of the most prosperous countries in Africa

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