Dear Goldilocks,

Why did you break my chair?Because would you like it.Plus I strongly believe that breaking someones chair is very mean especially if that chair is special to them also if it’s an antic.It has also been pass down for so many centuries. Also even if it cost a lot of money and here are my reasons why.

That chair was a special I feel sad because that was my favourite chair.I feel so sad and also so confused and mad and really sad because there is nothing like it.Plus that always was so comfy.

That is chair is a special antic.That was made out of the worlds rarest wood.Plus it cost $2000 dollars and there are only one of them and that was my chair.

That chair had been passed down for centuries since my great great great ancestor Jimmy Bear.That chair was also made by my great great ancestor Jimmy Bear.Plus that is the only special item in our family.

To conclude with I think that you’ll I need a new chair and hope you have a happy day.

From Babby Bear.

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3 years ago

Me likey