A Day In The Life Project

                                                      By: Jakya Stowe                       

                                 Crossroads@Meade Computer Science Class

                                                    January 28, 2015

     During the snow day the first thing I did was brushed my teeth, took a shower, ate my second favorite cereal "Honey Combs", then I had to shovel the snow with my little brother, then for dinner I made Salisbury steak with corn and mash-potatoes. The best part of the day was talking to my older sister like always. She's the best!

  My day was actually fun to me. When I was outside I was having a snowball fight. I really don't play with the snow since its cold but I enjoyed spending time with him. Me and my brother Hakim tried to make a snowman, but that actually didn't work out. It looked like a big mountain, but with snow. At least we tried!

  When we came back in the house we, well I went back to sleep. I was sleeping for like almost three hours. When I woke up I had to think what to make for dinner. It was so hard since I have a lot of meat that I like. I chose Salisbury steak cause I was in the mood for it. The day went pretty amazing


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