Caring Classrooms

Positive Relationships

  • Getting to know students , and students names
  • Making friendship with students
  • Group activities
  • Being a safe person for students
  • Knowing students as individuals, such as whose grandpa is sick or who had a weekend soccer game
  • Setting high learning and behavioral expectations for every student


  • Getting to know each other   
  • Group activities and getting to share individual things

Student Involvment

  • Teacher asking for students feedback and ideas about classroom issues
  • Talk about there opinion about the class work or activities   
  • Giving suggestions
  • Ask and invite questions during class – begin by asking review questions at the beginning of class then follow up by asking volunteers to paraphrase concepts or ideas in their own words

Class Identify

  • Classroom routines              
  • Traditions
  • Work together and try to help each other

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