by Laura Cox

1. Order of planet-sixth planet from the sun

2. Outer planet

3. 95 times larger than Earth

4. Average temperature - 300 decease Fahrenheit

5. Rotation time on it's axes- 10 hours 13 min.

6. Revolution time around the sun- 10,759.2 days.

7. 62 moons and one of them is the second brightest in the universe.

8. One of Saturn's moons is nick named the death star.

9. One moon is a floating ice cube.

10. One of the moons has a crater 80 miles long.

11. Rings formed from space chunks.

12. Saturn got rings when it was formed.

13. Four main ring groups.

14. Saturn obits slowly due to weak gravity from the sun.

15. Three most important things: Saturn is made of hydrogen so if you put it in the water it would float.

16. It has the lowest density of all the planets.

17. Sometimes Saturn's rings disappear.

18. Weather on Saturn is twice as cold as Earth.

19. Winds on Saturn get up to 1,100 miles per hour

20. Every 30 years there is a huge storm on Saturn that lasts a month

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