Functions Lab 2A2; Paula

How do you find the domain and range of a:

1.Table: The domain of the relation is the set of the first elements in the ordered pair

The range of the relation is the second set of elements in the ordered pair

2.Map: Domain is always the X value, and Range is always the Y value

3.Graph: Domain is the X axis (vertical) and range is the Y (horizontal)

4.Set of ordered pairs: Domain is the set of all X values, Range is a set of all Y values

5.Rule: The domain is all real numbers

Can you explain why the domain and range change if an equation is translated?

-If It is altering the ordered pairs

How do I determine if I am dealing with a function?

-If you're able to graph it, and put it in a table

-You determine if the two point are inverse with each other

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