Podcasts to Demonstrate Learning

Are you looking for new ways that students can show you that they understand concepts? Consider having them create podcasts! The process is simple using technology that we have in the district: chromebooks & the Voice Recorder Chrome app.

The first and most important step is for students to plan, research, write, edit, and practice their script. It's best to give a time limit for the final podcast (usually 2-3 minutes, but this will depend on the topic and requirements).

Once students are logged onto a chromebook with their Walled Lake Google account, they will need to install the Voice Recorder app from the chrome store. The technology is secondary to the writing and communication process. All the students do is hit the record button and speak using the built-in chromebook microphone (optional intro music can be ready to play in another chrome tab). When finished, they hit the stop button and the audio file saves automatically into their Google Drive.  

When Mary Kline heard about this and listened to a student example (below), she stated "These podcasts are a marvelous way to inspire student writers. With a clear audience and purpose, students take ownership of their ideas and are more likely to grasp the importance of organization, tone, and word choice. They’re also more willing to revise when the audience is more than the teacher. What a wonderful way to teach the reading, writing, and speaking/listening standards in a real-world context!"

Audio/Podcast Resources

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