Tyler Hauser
A Career As A Farmer

Career Goal- Farmer

Career Overview

         Duties vary by the type of farm. Crop farmers plan, plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest. They analyze their soil and fertilize it so that it produces better plants. They store, load, transport, and market their crops. They also set up, inspect, and maintain farm equipment. On livestock, dairy, and poultry farms, farmers plan, feed, and care for animals. They recycle by-products from the harvest or from animal stock. They also may oversee breeding. Modern farmers raise many different kinds of stock. For example, farmers may raise earthworms, shellfish, or bees. All farmers keep buildings and equipment clean and repaired.

Career Skills and Interests

           Listen to others, understand, and ask questions.Read and understand work-related materials.Express ideas clearly when speaking or writing.Judge the costs and benefits of a possible action.Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong.Understand new information or materials by studying and working with them.Analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses.Combine several pieces of information and draw conclusions.Use reasoning to discover answers to problems.Identify problems and review information. Develop, review, and apply solutions.Concentrate and not be distracted while performing a task.Develop rules or follow guidelines when arranging items in a certain order.

             Use math skills to solve problems.Use scientific methods to solve problems.Decide how to spend money to get the work done and keep track of how the money was used.Manage the time of self and others.Check how well one is learning or doing something.Obtain needed equipment, facilities, and materials and oversee their use.Motivate, develop, and direct people as they work.Be aware of others' reactions and change behavior in relation to them.Solve problems by bringing others together to discuss differences.Teach others or self how to do something.Persuade others to approach things differently.Look for ways to help people.

Career Working Conditions

            Usually spend time throughout the day in trucks, tractors, and similar vehicles and equipment.Often work outdoors. May work indoors when doing record keeping.Are often exposed to hot or cold temperatures, depending on the weather.Occasionally are exposed to contaminants, such as pesticides.Sometimes are exposed to sounds and noise levels that are loud or distracting.Sometimes are exposed to hazardous equipment.Sometimes work in bright or dim lighting, depending on the time of day or work site.Sometimes are exposed to hazardous situations. Those who work with livestock have a moderate chance of being bitten. The level of injury usually is low.Often wear gloves, boots, and long-sleeve shirts.

Career Wages and Outlook

           Farmers are not paid by the hour, they are paid when they sell grain or there produce, like livestock. They also sometimes get additional payments through government programs, but those are quickly fading. You do not get benefits, you have to buy your own insurance.

            Average Salary Wage - $ 75,800

Farming you can either work part time or full time, if you have livestock and crop farm you'll be full time and just raising livestock in general. If you just crop farm you'll be more around the part time range.

Career Related Occupations

           Farm manager

           Farm worker


Career Program of Study-Agribusiness and Management              

Program Overview

              Agribusiness and Management programs teach people how to run businesses that make plant and animal products. You also learn accounting and business management.

Program Admission

              Agriculture Science• Animal Science
• Agricultural Management
• Business Management
• Business Computer Applications
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Environmental Science
• Algebra
• Economics

Program Typical Course Work

             • Accounting• Agronomy and Crop Science
• Aquaculture
• Business Management
• Computer Science
• Economics
• Environmental Science
• Horticulture
• Life Sciences
• Mathematics
• Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fertilizers
• Physical Sciences
• Plant and Animal Breeding, Growth, and Development
• Plant and Animal Anatomy and Physiology
• Purchasing
• Research and Development
• Sales and Marketing
• Soil Chemistry
• Supervision

Related Programs


          Dairy Science

          Agricultural Technologies


College Choice

Schools That Offer The Program

              SDSU- Brookings

              SCC- Mankato

              Iowa State University

              UW-River Falls

South Dakotah State University- Brookings

College Info

SDSU is located in brookings, South Dakota.

Enrollment: 12,274

It's a rural, 4 year university, that is located near Sioux Falls.

Plans To Reach My Goal

I plan on reaching my goal by continuing to work on the farm  and gain valuable farming experience, and take as many preferred high school classes for this program as I can. Continue to get good grades , and just focus up on my career.

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