World Religions: Hinduism,Kada Campbell

Hinduism started 4,000 years ago.

This is the symbol of Hinduism. This represents the first sound heard in the world and also is found at he beginning of a prayer.

This map shows were Hinduism first started in the world.

Hinduism was not started by anyone.

This a picture of the Diwali Festival of Lights.

Even though it is not required a lot of people have a lot in common. The Hindus believe that if they are reborn they come back as a animal or a person. some people are not aloud the kill cows because some people don't eat beef. Some Hindus believe that some animals are sacred to kill.

Most Hindus believe that there are three "Gods". Ganesh is popular of having an elephant on his head.  He is usually show holding cand in his hand.

This is Ganesh

The book that has the sacred writing is the Rig Vedas. its a collection of hymns.

Hindus worship place is a temple.

The Holi is a festival in march

The Dussehra is in October

it involved a lot of many cultaul and groups. Hinduism is rich and has much History. The word Hindu is people living. the roots of Hinduism can be dug up from 4,000 years age. over time they were conseedid by sevaral Gods there was a creater and distrorer. they are all looked apond. the gods come back as human avatars. people prey to their favorite god. krishna played the flute. they also do fireworks like we do. 800 million believers. there was also a lot of fairs and festavals. the biggest fair was Diwali. In India there was a lot of festavals that went on.

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