Cheap Protein: Sources, Benefits and Possible Allergic Reaction


A protein is a macromolecule which is composed of amino acids. Protein can be described as the building blocks for all the cells and tissues. Protein is involved in the formation of tissues and cell traits, it also performs other complex chemical reactions such as fighting infections and ensuring that the body would be functioning normally etc. Cheap proteins perform important functions and are involved in important chemical reactions, so it is very important that our body is derived enough and not too much of it.

What foods are sources of cheap protein?

The main sources of protein are soy and its products, cheese, meat, fish, peas, eggs, bread, milk, potatoes and other. Usually person per day is recommended to eat 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of his body weight. Athletes who engage in bodybuilding or light bodybuilding (fitness) are recommended to eat a lot more protein than the ordinary person. Protein should comprise 60% of the intake of nutrients in their one-day food allowance. Much less of nutrients should consume carbohydrates and fats.

Benefits of the proteins.

Have you ever wondered that such relatively cheap source of protein as milk, meat, eggs, beans and peas can be not only beneficial for our body, but also of vital importance? It's not for nothing people say that the food as a medicine. Protein is the building material for skeleton and tissues such as nails, hair, ligaments and muscles. They act as enzymes or ferments - help digest food, in addition to adequate amounts of protein enhance immunity, carry oxygen, fight infection, maintain normal body activities and participate in other chemical reactions. Proteins also act as a building material for our visual organs - eye lens is composed of a crystalline protein.

Not all people can use protein in the quantities as recommended for bodybuilders. Large amounts of protein can cause unwanted side effects and allergic reactions.

There are different types of protein. Some proteins are more easily digested and others - more difficult e.g.: wheat, milk, soya and maize. These products have bigger protein molecules, which means higher protein concentration. For this reason, the protein is difficult to be broken down and absorbed. Then allergic reaction and irritation appears with a variety of symptoms: abdominal bloating, skin rash, upset stomach, difficulty breathing, weak immunity and more.

That cheap protein is important not only for athletes who grow muscles, but for all of us. However, if you notice the symptoms of allergic disease immediately contact your doctor. The protein is vital for our body's normal activity. You need to consult with a doctor and choose the appropriate sources and harmless quantities of protein.

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