Seiko Premier Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Men’s Watch

The diversity of the Seiko line of watches is mindboggling, if you want to be plain about it. The diversion often makes confusion go out of bounds and there remains no option than settling for the one you want the least, only to regret later and the outcome – in most of the cases – is sending of the piece to an exile at the farthest corner of the cupboard. But that’s not what it was supposed to be like.

But it is also true that only a few can get very familiar with the models and choose appropriately; to ease their endeavor, here are some hard facts on two of the Seiko Premier Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Men’s Watch models – the SNP114P1 and the SNP115P1.

Seiko’s renowned Kinetic technology brought together the precision of quartz mechanisms with the mechanical functionality of the perpetual calendar. Apart from that, it also obtains its power to run in the same way an automatic does; here, the rotor turns and charges batteries inside instead of winding the mainspring.

Both the models are an example of classic elegance, but that’s just for the casual onlooker. For those who would like to go deeper, there awaits the maarvels of a modern and highly advanced technology that adapts and expresses the nature of the design as well as the hi-end performances.

10 years back, in 2005, Seiko introduced the Seiko velatura chronograph movement in Baselworld which won against others instantly; none are more accurate and long-living than this particular mechanism. Clubbed with the Power Save Mode and the Auto-Relay Function; even if you can’t give it enough wrist time, the watches shall never stop. In fact, wear them 24/7 for a month and then lay down all your worries for the next 4 years. It will keep time without flinching a bit. Pick it up and the hands shall whirr crazy and stop after pointing to the current time. You want to test it? Keep it off your hands for a full 48 hours and then pick it up an give it a shake. Happy whirling follows.

The SNP114P1 and the SNP115P1 are nice deviations from the plain chronograph complications; if you want a bit of added zing to the oh-so-common, usual stopwatch mechanisms, the Seiko Premier Kinetic Watch are what you should go for. They will give you ample time (till February 28, 2100) to gaze at it with awe.

However, you shall be filled with a double doze of awe if you come to know about the mechanism inside. There are a total of 232 parts going in along with a motor that’s only 0.4 mm in thickness and drives the mechanical gear trains (this itself has 101 parts; the gear trains). All that together is some really cool watchmaking! And by the way, it also comes with a sapphire crystal.