Top Equity Funds to Eye on This July

The month has July has started and all eyes are set towards the sky. Definitely, this is the time where monsoon starts pouring, and expectations with the commodities market rise. This is the time where agricultural commodities face a bull run, thus benefiting its investors. However, it is the month where companies are known to announce their first quarter results, thus enabling investors to make high-paying investments.

Mutual funds, especially equity mutual funds, are expected to promise lucrative returns this month. This is because the stocks of several companies tend to show bullish projections after the first quarter. Thus, following this prediction, we have shortlisted a few equity stocks.

1. Tata Equities Opportunities Fund

This growth scheme aims to provide long-term capital gains with its diversified portfolio of Banking, Engineering, Automotive, and Technology companies. With 94.61% equity allocation, this stocks promises maximum gains in the short run too. Its yearly and bi-yearly returns are capped at double-digits, 28% and 30.6%.

2. SBI Blue Chip Funds

Aimed to provide capital growth with active portfolio management, this is a diversified scheme comprising equity stocks whose market capitalization is benchmarked to BSE 100 Index. The portfolio mainly comprises Automotive, Oil & Gas, Banking, and Pharmaceutical industries. The fund manages to promise returns of 28.6% annually.

3. Franklin India Opportunities Fund

This growth scheme targets Automotive, Banking, Engineering, and Technology stocks with assets of 92% focused on equities. Benchmarked against the BSE 200 Index, the fund has been promising attractive annual returns of around 35%.

4. Franklin India High Growth

With a whopping double-digit return of 40.7%, this scheme makes the best of Banking, Automotive, Engineering, and Technology stocks. With equity allocation below 90%, this scheme has managed to outperform its competition and expected to promise significant gains after this quarter end.

5. Tata Ethical Fund

Earning double-digit returns of around 30%, this growth scheme has managed to handle a portfolio of Technology, Engineering, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical companies adeptly, gaining lucrative returns over a brief period of time. Benchmarked against CNX 500, the scheme manages to provide long-term capital gains.