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Well,hi there,I am Thomas Jefferson I am here to tell you a little about myself. Did you know that I wrote the declaration of independence.Well,besides the political stuff what i really liked to do was read,i have thousands of books,i read them even if they were i latin. What i liked almost as much as reading was stargazing i designed the first observatory in the united states. I also am deeply engaged in economics which i learned during my time in paris. What i loved and still continue to love is the violin, I even took lessons as a child I also played the violin as i courted my wife Martha Skelton. Oh and if you didnt already know I am the 3rd president. I have 12 wonderful grandchildren that i spend most of my time with we even invented one of the first game boards. I am very fascinated with bones like an archaeologist i even had the bones of a mastodan which was sent to me at the white house a mastodan is a animal from 40 million years ago which sort of looked like a elephant, i even attempted to put the bones together to make a skeleton. What i really loved to do was to write letters i wrote 19,00 letters that is alot trust me. What is really cool is i have a mockingbird I just love thier singing i almost always have 4 at a time. What i really love is monticello which is the estate i inherited. Well of course as soon as I inherited it I added lots of new things such as door handles that could not only open one door but two! Well you should now know I am the author of the decloration of independence and the founder of the university of virginia. Well have a good life because i

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