Vivian Malone and her great adventures!

By : Brooklyn Thomas

Vivian Juanita Malone Jones

vivian malone Jones was born in July 15, 1942 in Mobile, Alabama. She was the first African American girl, to go to the University of Alabama. She graduated from the University with a bachelor of arts, in business management. She was also appointed as an Exeutive Director. Vivian Malone Jones, died when she was 63 years old, of a stroke, in an Atlanta hospital, she was soon buried by the people that buried Martin Luther King jr  . Vivian was a strong, brave , and very smart woman , to have done all those amazing things. We love and miss you Vivian! And now forever in my heart, will be written in her hand writting , vivian Malone Jones.   

A video of Vivian malone explaining how it was like

Vivian walking into school

Map of where she was born

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