Isabella d'Este

Sophia Burville


born: May 18th, 1474

died: February 13th, 1539

married: Francesco 2nd Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua

Parents: Ercole 1st d'Este and Leonora of Naples

Born in Ferrara, Italy and died in Mantua, Italy
Isabella d'Este
She wore her hair in different styles.
She also wore different styles of dresses.


A painting that Titan painted of her.

She was a supported artists and bought so many paintings she basically had a museum. A lot of famous artists painted her portrait for example Titan. She was also a trend setter a lot of nobles copied her style.

A style of dress that she wore.

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I think the greatest thing she did in her life is that she inspired the artist of that era to keep painting and bought a lot of the paintings. She also was good ruler of the city-state, Solarolo in (1529-1539).

The dinner party.
Leonardo da vinci one of the artists she inspired.

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