Fossil Fuels


   Coal,Oil,and Natural Gas, are all fossil fuels that we use every single day. Even at school the lights in our classroom use fossil fuels like oil, and in the teachers lounge they use a microwave and a coffee machine that uses oil to work that powers the electrical energy that makes the machines work. Fossil fuels are made of hydrocarbons. Fossil fuels are made up of dead plants and animals and over millions and millions years piles of new plants and animals and water compress the plants and animals into Fossil Fuels that as of right now we use in our daily lives. I have a theory that fossil fuels will never run out because the dead plants and animals from today will be used millions of years later if we even use fossil fuels millions of years later. We might have a small period of time close to now where we lose all of our fossil fuels and we are hopeless. But, the big point is to conserve fossil fuels. Coal,comes from dead animals,oil from animals and plants and the same with natural gas.

   Coal is a fossil fuel that comes from dead plants and animals and the way you can remember that is that coal looks like animal droppings so that relates to animals. Just like all of the other fossil fuels it takes a long time to form. It is used to power factories and power plants. People get it out of the ground by taking mine carts down with people down there putting the coal in the carts and then the carts come back up.

   Oil,I think that we use the most oil is made out of dead plants and that is the same with natural gas. Oil we use to make regular gasoline,diesel fuel,jet fuel,home heating oil, and propane. They collect oil from the little wires that are connected to a well that eventually would go to different places to make different things.

   Lastly natural gas  is used to make home heating, and cooking. Natural gas is taken up by pumps that like oil goes to different places and they use it for different things. Natural gas comes from dead plants just like oil. In the video there are bloopers so you can stop it then.

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