Tang Dynasty

About the Tang Dynasty

After the Han Dynasty, then the Tang Dynasty began.

The Tang Dynasty had an influence on Japan, and Korea:
Much of Japanese and Korean culture was borrowed from the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty, such as Buddhism, Writing System, Confusianism -- "5 relationships" and Respect for Nature.

The Silk Road helped the dynasty extend westward, and it also connected China with western cultures. (Muslim and Byzantine Empires)

The Tang Dynasty gave some contributions to our society, such as: gunpowder, compass, mechanical clock, porcelain, spinning wheel, and block printing. Gunpowder is a contribution, because we use guns now-a-days, and use them for defense at times; such as wars. Compass' are used to tell which direction we're going -- Like out at sea, or in a forest (camping). Mechanical Clocks for us to tell time digitally, and more easier since we know our numbers pretty well. Porcelain we use for fancy dishes, and the printing is pretty fancy as well. Spinning wheel; is used for spinning fiber into thread, and/or yarn, and block printing is used for images, texts, letters, numbers, etc.

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