A raisin in a the sun

(1) What does the dialogue in this scene tell us Mama wants to do? Think in broad terms.

It tell us that mama want to help everybody by helping her family.

(2) When Mama gives the envelope to Walter, what does this tell the audience.

It tell us that she care about what he want to do,and want to help him.

MRS. JOHNSON: Some folks might say don't go where you're not wanted. But I think it's wonderful that you are all so...brave.

(3) Why does Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave"?

She pause before the word brave because she doesn't really mean it and because she is thinking about the opposite of Brave.

(4) What is the most important idea in this scene? Think in broad terms.

The most  important  idea in this scene is when at the end of the scene when he show his father honor speech to MR Lindner.

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2 years ago

When she gives him the envelope it shows that she trusts him.