Hoax: Secret to Long Life

My hoax for this assignment was an article about a fake woman who was 100-years-old and she had a secret for living such a long life. It was difficult to come up with something that was completely a hoax, but that didn't sound as absurd as it could've been. I would never believe the canned food thing, but I was interested to see if there were people who believed it. There was no way to track how many people opened the link, but the site that I created the fake story on provided an image saying that the article was a joke. The image pops up after the user spends about 10 seconds on the webpage where the article is located. I thought this was an interesting site to use because it shows the person who opens the article that not every article they read is real. It creates awareness and has the potential to make people really think about what they click on and read in the future.

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