Latin America

by Emily Carr

What groups were involved; who had the power?

  • -Army and Wealthy; had power in beginning of game
  • -Guerillas; had power around middle of the game
  • -USA; had power over whole nation by end of game
  • -Guatemalan Government; didn't have much power
  • -Peasants; had almost no power

How did the balance of power shift and why?

The balance of power shifted between the Army and the Wealthy and the Guerillas. It shifted between them because they would attack each other, and either lose MSUs or gain them. They also made treaties with the other groups for more MSUs.

How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game?

Cooperation and conflict was shown in the game through the groups making treaties with one another. The groups also refused to make some treaties. There was also violence between the Army & Wealthy and the Guerillas.

What role did the US have in the simulation?

The US's role was to try and stay neutral at first, or help whoever we wanted to have win the election. The US also gave out MSUs to other groups who they felt needed it or if they had made a treaty with them. Eventually, the US overthrew the government because they did not like how it was being run. They set up a new government with democratic policies and made a new election.

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