UOIT - Intro Video

How can we improve this?

I want to revise our the UOIT video for our program and would value your suggestions.

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2 years ago

I would suggest a higher quality soundtrack, perhaps some music, pictures, graphics or animations, maybe live footage from the example in-class video that also exists. Possibly also eliminate (or make 'invisible') the mouse arrow. It depends on your audience - for me, that video was all I needed, but I was already familiar with UOIT. If you are appealing to potential candidates who may not be familiar with the university or faculty, I think a more formal and polished video would do the program justice and look more professional. There could also be 2 versions - one no-nonsense informational video, and one for promotional/marketing purposes. Anyway, you are steps ahead already of other uni program advertising with just HAVING a video and providing a lot of information on the website...but since you asked:)