The Construction On Lewis and Clark

By: Jake Roelofsz

The Beginning

At the very beginning they were getting the green top taken out so they could get the foundation in and after the green top was taken out they put wood 2*4 ins and then they put the concrete in and then they had to smooth it out and then after the concrete dried they put metal bars for the walls.

After that they put up the drywall on the outside and then they got the mortar started mixing and then they put the bricks on the outside.

The Middle

In the middle of the construction they got the wood on the top of the building on and then they started working on the interior and they got the frame for the rooms and the bathrooms and the hangout space then they got the drywall up for and then they got the electricity in and all the plumbing.

The Present

Right now they are working on getting the inside done and putting the lights and electricity and plumbing in for the bathrooms and the other stuff for the construction to be complete.

What have We Been Doing

                         We have been working on a documentary about the construction and what has been going on currently I don't know what is going to be in it but it will be re

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