Ohio State University

Emily Rhodes & Isabelle Comisford

Ohio State University is a one of a kind place where you would be crazy not to come! One of our best offers here is our dance program

School information

location: Columbus, Ohio

# of students enrolled: 57,466

Ohio State has a victory bell that rings after every win that weighs 2,420 pounds and allegedly can be heard almost five miles away

Gary LeVox, lead singer for The Rascal Flatts, went to Ohio State University

School admission

DEADLINE TO APPLY: December 1st, 2015

In order to graduate, you will need atleast 191 credit hours.

Ohio State University's dance program is unisex, so boys and girls are welcome to participate! Be open to new things :)


Auditions for the dance program are February 14, 2015 at

You must be attending Ohio State University on campus in the 2014-2015 school year

Routine requirements:

  • Pirouettes (triple, quad+, coupe)
  • Second Turns (at least two counts of eight / changing spots, combo to be taught at tryouts)
  • Leaps: Tilt, Open center, switches, calypso, C-jump
  • Jumps: toe touch, herky, hurdler, and chanie toe touch
  • Flexibility: standing tilt, leg hold/turn, needle, scorpion

You may wear color of your choice, but your outfit should be form-fitting and allow the judges to see your lines. Dancers are not permitted to wear anything branded with Ohio State or OSU Dance. On Sunday you must wear a solid black leotard/tank top and black jazz pants/shorts. Interview attire is business casual.


Ohio State University does have football

Columbus, OH is rural

You can't have a car on campus your first year at Ohio State University but you can years after

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