New Orleans,The Big Easy Or is it ?

  New Orleans was once attacked by a big storm named Katrina wrecked an entire city. As days go by New Orleans is an amazing city and you can ever tell that big wreckage happened. I have heard that the food there is wonderful here are 3 examples.One is called Jumboliah A delicious looking meal in New Orleans Shown below.Most foods in New Orleans are Cajun which brings up one of my favorites Cajun fish mmmmmm yummy. They even do festivals about sea foods I'd love to be there and eat there caught goodness. The people of New Orleans enjoy jazz music so I call New Orleans jazz town. They have very many cultural events there as well they do amazing arts and crafts serve things there ancestors ate but there are various attractions that appeal to the eye such as the one and only mueseums

New Orleans is now more beautiful than ever before.

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