Book Report

By: Gabe and Hayden

Both Books

The Red Pyramid

This book the Kane Chronicles, and the two kids in this book are magicans and have secret powers that they don't know about. Those kids names are Sadie and Carter Kane and that how they got the name The Kane Chronicles. If you like adventure greek gods, plus mithology this is your book or series. The first book The Red Pyramid. The second,The Throne Fire, The third book, The Serpents Shadow, that is it
     The Throne of Fire

This book is book two in the Kane chronicles. You NEED to read the first book for this to make sense. In this book, Apophis is rising( A deadly god snake). Sadie and Carter have to find the three scrolls of Ra( the sun god) and awake him. Will Apophis rise? Will Sadie and Carter wake Ra and stop Apophis? Read the book to find out!