There are a bunch if Disease's that are bad one of them is small pox
Small pox came to America with the first Europeans. While smallpox has been around for thousands of years, European settlers first brought smallpox to North America in the 1600s. In 1633-1634, the disease swept through the Northeast, wiping out entire Native American tribes.

Another terrible disease is Yellow fever To this day, cholera, an infection of the small intestine, still affects between three and five million people and causes nearly 130,000 deaths a year worldwide. However, the last documented outbreak in the United States was in 1911.

This disease iv never heard of is the Spanish flu
In 1918, waves of mutating influenza viruses swept through the military lines of the armies fighting in World War I to the civilian population across the globe. What’s commonly referred to as “the Spanish Flu” is a misnomer. Spain was no more affected than any other European country, nor was it the source of the disease.

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